Our experienced staff focuses on providing business the ability to take advantage of emerging technologies. Pro Watts applies and supports the most up-to-date technology systems, computer systems, and industrial and communication technologies.

Centre of our action is the presentation of solutions of complex technical tasks in the operative or productive environment – flexibility in particular is guaranteed by our trans-sectoral know-how.

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Substation Automation (SA), is the collection and consolidation of data from Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) within a substation. This information enables management, from many departments, to make informed decisions, accurately and quickly to improve the quality of service to customers.

Virtually any department that needs information mined at the substation can obtain benefits from a substation automation implementation.

Technological improvements to Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) and the communications facilities and protocols that enable their integration are occurring at a rapid pace.

IEC 61850

It takes a combination of multidisciplinary skills and experience to deliver substation automation projects that meet the diverse needs of today's utilities. The use of Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) and complex communication networks can bring together unprecedented capabilities in control, protection and monitoring of all of the utilities power delivery systems. Development of new standards, such as IEC 61850, and new technologies are revolutionizing the way in which engineers design, implement and test the next generation of substation automation systems.

Pro Watts has completed substation automation systems that connect thousands of points from substations back to the utility operations center and engineering groups. We have completed projects with multi vendor IED systems communicating IEC 61850 at substation level and to the enterprise SCADA.

Pro Watts offers an array of solutions to meet your application needs, from simple RTUs to comprehensive substation automation systems. All are designed to enable you to control, monitor and protect your substations in the most effective manner possible with the lowest life-cycle cost.

  • Automation Systems
  • Data Concentrators
  • Human Machine Interfaces
  • Programmable Logic Controllers
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Remote Terminal Units
  • Security Products
  • Web Products
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We are able to provide SCADA engineering services from inception to completion. Pro Watts engineers have successfully developed complex SCADA applications. Our SCADA design business has centered around the provision of monitoring and control systems for the pulping and energy industries. This experience has enabled us to use our depth of knowledge in providing from small to enterprise solutions.

Whether they're dealing with new or legacy SCADA systems, it's now incumbent on electric utilities to secure their systems to be in compliance with new NERC cybersecurity standards.

Compounding the problem of shoring up electric utility SCADA systems is the fact that different technologies and techniques may be required depending on whether the utility is working to secure a newly installed SCADA system or a legacy SCADA system.

Our members experience include but are not limited to:

  • hands on work with different aspects of the EMS/SCADA business
  • continuous and up-to-date knowledge of EMS/SCADA vendors' and related third-party products
  • key experience with modern communication hardware, technologies and protocols
  • familiarity with proven project management tools
  • knowledge of interoperable systems technology
  • impartial decision-making independent of any product or vendor affiliation
  • quality assurance including certification of communication products.
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Implementation of modern monitoring and control system in a new or existing infrastructure could become a complex engineering task. We can help determine communication technology and connectivity that will be required to exchange information to/from and within the substation. Based on EMS/SCADA or automation requirements in conjunction with the available hardware, standards and rules, we evaluate the best technical and economical solution. The transition form proprietary protocols and hardware to the large bandwidth provided by TCP/UDP solutions in an IP network and standardization of substation communication allowed for vendor interoperability, site wide waveform captures, reduced wiring protection and control. This transition has also made systems and engineering process more complex and raised the level of requirements from hardware manufacturers.

Our members design based on the following assessments:

  • Networking system capability;
  • Capability of Ethernet switch technology to meet protection criteria;
  • Impacts of TCP/UDP and IP on networking system requirements;
  • Interaction between substation and the control systems.
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