HUDBAY Mining, 115kV/25kV Lalor Mine Substation Design

Location : Snow Lake, Manitoba

Year : 2013

Client : Hudson Bay Mining & Smelter

Project type : Lalor Mine Substation

Scope : 

Lalor Substation new 60MVA 115kV/25kV, 6 Feeders
Role of the Respondent/ Scope of Services:
Lalor Substation was connected to the Manitoba Hydro Transmission system through two 30MVA 115kV/25kV transformer banks and had to be designed with the consideration to the remote nature of the site, redundancy, and safety.

Key features:

- Transfer Trip to the Manitoba Hydro
- Separate P&C panel to eliminate operator injury due to potential Arc Flash at the Switchgear
- Maintenance switch to lower Arc Flash levels
- Remote SCADA

Preliminary Design:

- Single Line Development
- Preliminary Site Layout
- Regulatory approval: ESA, Manitoba Hydro, Detailed Design
- Coordinated with Substation Physical designer
- Lightening coordination study
- Power System studies: load flow, coordination, Arc Flash, short circuit evaluation
-Coordinated with Manitoba hydro in achieving proper protection coordination between Substation main breaker and upstream feeder breaker
- Protection and control design
- High Voltage cable trench and duct bank design
- Electrical engineering and detailed design drawing package,
- Security and fire protection systems, UPS and 125VDC battery systems for the Substation control system
- Equipment rating and technical specification: Switchgear, breakers, transformers, disconnects, cables, IEDs…
- GE F35, T60, Protection relay, programming
- Protection and control building and Switchgear design
- Protection and Control panel detailed design
- Prepared cable list and cable point to point drawings

Construction Procurement:

- Assist in the preparation of tender scope of work
- Provide bidder technical evaluation

Construction Administration:

- Vendor drawing review and oversee Factory Acceptance Testing approval
- Construction site inspection
- Responded to RFIs
- Supported client with verifying compliance to contractual agreement
- Approved testing and commissioning plan
- Reviewed testing and commissioning report
- Prepared as-built drawings and construction deficiency

  • 18 Lalor Mine Switchgear A