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Smart Grid Microgrid

Benefits of Battery Energy Storage

There are several benefits to battery energy storage systems that can provide different opportunities for savings depending on your facility. Battery energy storage can reduce electrical consumption and costs through peak shaving if utility costs are charged by peak demand. If your facility is charged by time‐of‐use tariffs, the battery energy storage can be configured to charge during the time electricity costs in kWh is cheapest and reduces it consumption when electrical costs are highest further reducing costs.

Battery energy storage also provides back‐up generation that can prevent brown outs or black outs for several hours, this can be highly effective in solving production time issues due to voltage drops and can prevent servers from experiencing data loss on restart. Battery energy storage also makes it so the facility is less dependent on the power grid in the case of a transformer overload or transmission line failure. Battery energy storage automatically performs power factor correction that improves power quality, which would avoid power factor fines from utility providers.

The system also has greater environmental performance than standard generators that use diesel, helping companies who are looking for environmental certification or have emissions targets achieve these goals. The Canadian government also offers grants for renewable energy projects that will partially cover project costs, through, which will decrease the payback period.

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Solar Panel Integration and Benefits

The installation and usage of solar panels can greatly supplement the use of battery energy storage. During the daytime, solar panels can charge electricity and store it within the batteries. This additional electricity can be distributed through your facility if needed, reducing the electricity consumed from the power grid. If there is an excess amount of electricity generated from the solar panels, this can become an additional source of revenue for companies by selling the electricity back to the power grid.

Microgrid Integration and Benefits

Smart Grid Microgrid

On the microgrid, the battery energy storage system can relieve utility grids from aging and demand stress, it can also increase the durability of the present grid structure while sustaining high and low voltage fluctuations and future power requirements. The battery storage would allow for facilities located further away from current utility grids, receive much higher quality power, lessening the chance of power failure.